1911 Slide custom engraving

Getting close to the finish on this custom 1911 slide.

After a long break on the engraving due to my customer being deployed, this 100 percent coverage engraving is back in the engraving vise. I am working on the top of the slide with just about two inches yet to cut. I’m doing all the main lines first and then will go back and add the shading lines.

1911 slide, top view.

1911 slide, top view.

To orient you to this view in first photo: looking down from the top, ejection port at top right of photo, muzzle to the left.

I’m cutting the backbone lines now. If you have been following this project you’ll remember that I have discussed the toughness of this steel many time before. What I have changed to make this work a bit easier is I have fabricated some new very high carbon gravers. These are ground from carbide steel drill bit blanks and ground to a 90 degree angle with a 55 degree face. Cutting very nicely now.

1911 slide with side view of completed engraving and the yet unfinished top.

1911 slide with side view of completed engraving and the yet unfinished top.

In this second photo I wanted to show what the final shading will look like and give a status of the top of slide engraving.

Not too much more to do but the rounded top of the slide makes cutting more difficult and slower. The new gravers are cutting well and I should have all the backbone scrolls finished this weekend.

I have made 5 of the carbide gravers so when one dulls I can simply switch to a sharp one. Then when all 5 are ready for sharpening I sharpen them all together. Sharpening these carbide gravers is much slower than the high speed steel gravers. It figures that harder steel would take longer to sharpen and it does. About 15 minutes per graver if the tip has chipped badly.

Time to start resharpening gravers. Stay tuned for more on this 1911 slide project…

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