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Silver Sheriff badge Layout

This morning I practiced the edge border until I had it down perfectly. You can see the final edge border that will be used on the silver badge above the “TEN” in Lieutenant. There will be a very thin silver border and inside that will be a weaving cut design and finally a wriggle cut. Continue reading

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Silver Sheriff Badge – Update

I have the layout on a copper practice plate and have been working on the lettering. I decided to use round gravers because the lettering will eventually be blackened. By using the round gravers I get a nice deep pocket to fill later with enamel. Continue reading

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Custom engraved Spyderco Robin

I selected a photo of father and son walking down a street with the little guy swinging on Dad’s arm. Very cool photo. Since they are in the San Francisco area I added the Golden Gate off in the background and used western scroll to symbolize the fog that SF Bay is famous for. Continue reading

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Engraved Seecamp pistol

The barrel steel cut very nicely and the backstrap cut well but the curve of the grip made it a bit of a challenge. I could only cut in one direction due to the upturn of the grip. Took a bit more planning and more time to engrave but it turned out great. Continue reading

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