Desert Storm Commemorative Knife

Foxtrot Medical Company Commemorative Knife

The latest version of my commemorative Spyderco project. Each time I hand engrave one of these knives I refine the design a little. And each knife gets to be unique.

Andy is the Corpsman who got this project started. Spyderco Delica, hand engraved.

The caduceus came out really well, nice sharp lines and the snakes look great. Practice does help and it shows here. The Saudi logo also benefited from doing a few practice cuts. I found that a #39 flat graver is perfect size for the wriggle cuts for the palm fronds.

I also added a border line as a frame.


The reverse side Spyderco Delica. Dates Andy was In Country for Desert Storm.


The reverse side has his dates of service from the time he arrived in Saudi for Desert Shield to the date he left after Desert Storm.

Eight long months of living in a tent and eating field rations. It was all worth it when we saved a lot of lives and eased a lot of pain with our medical support.

Can’t wait to get it to him.

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