Devil Doc Delica – Update

Progress on Spyderco Delica

Devil Doc Delica first day progress.

Today I laid out the design starting with Devil Doc lettering. Over that I laid on the western scroll and finally the Devil Dog. It was a really busy scene when viewed through the microscope. First to cut were the letters. Then the backbone of the  western scroll, The engraving was flying along until I got to the scroll that intertwined with the letters. Around the letters I had to decide which western scrolls to leave and which had to be eliminated so that the letters were clear to read. That created some areas where I had to completely redraw the  western scrolls and all that slowed me down.

The Dog had to be wiped off with acetone and re-transferred onto the steel. Too much had been smudged and just was not clear enough to see. After transfer it was still not perfect so I had to hand scribe the lines for engraving. Scribe was especially needed for the details in the face.

To this point shown in the photo I have spent two hours and fifteen minutes engraving. About 30 minutes in layout and mounting the knife on GRS Thermolock (to hold in the vice). So I am just about on time for my estimate. I should explain my timekeeping system. I have a 15 minute timer on the bench and when I start the air compressor I start the timer. At the end of 15 minutes I must stop the compressor so it will not overheat. I use this next 15 minutes to relax my hands and eyes while the compressor cools. I make a hashmark on the order form and the number of hashmarks gives me the total time for the project. Today I spent a total of five hours on the project but only two hours actually cutting steel. It is a slow and meticulous art form. I put on my “Engraving music” playlist and turn it up loud and work away the time.

Remaining work of background removal, stippling and adding shading to the leaves.

Very happy to be on schedule and with the engraving results. I love the smoothness of Spyderco Delica steel. Except for the occasional pin that hold them together it is sweet steel to cut.

One note that I must make mention of is that this is the first project I have done in awhile and my hands are feeling it tonight. Holding the chisel and tapping with a hammer for just 15 minutes can get tiring.

Stay tuned for more updates…


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