Devil Doc themed Spyderco Delica

Starting on a new knife project today – Spyderco Delica hand engraved.

This knife project actually has it’s beginning about 26 years ago! Andy and I were both assigned to FOXTROT Surgical Support Company, 1st Med Bn, 1st MEF during Desert Shield/Storm and through the magic of FaceBook have found each other. Now we are designing a knife with Andy’s company logo and my western scroll.

Devil Doc Distributors logo is a combination of the Marine Corps Devil Dog and a Navy Hospital Corpsman. When I first saw the logo I thought how cool to add the Navy White hat to the USMC mascot Devil Dog. I received the HD version of the logo and was still thinking that this would be easy to cut.

As with every project it started getting harder when I scaled the logo down to fit into the space planned on the Delica. Pretty small looking now. My MEIJI microscope was going to get a workout on this project!

Yesterday I prepared a practice plate of soft steel and transferred the logo onto the steel. When I looked into the scope I was disappointed to see that the logo was just a series of dots and not smooth black lines, even at low power. So I had to scribe the design onto the steel by hand. Since this is a practice session I am timing myself to see how long it takes to cut the entire Devil Doc logo. Seven minutes to scribe all the lines and 70 minutes to cut and shade. About double what I had estimated it to be.

Devil Doc, through the scope.

Here’s a first look at the practice plate. The plate has not been polished to a fine smooth finish so it looks a little rough. What I found in the practice session is that my drawing has to be a little more detailed and complete. I forgot the line to finish off the pick head!

The shading that I did does not show very well in this photo. But when held in your hand it shades the engraving very well. I’ll have to deepen some of the shading for a dark black nose on the dog ¬†and the wrench too.

This will be cut primarily with a 90 degree graver using hammer and chisel. I’ll switch to my GRS GraverMach for the background stippling as it makes quick work on backgrounding.

Follow along it’s going to take a few engraving sessions to complete this project…

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