FRANCHI shotgun engraving

I have a beautiful Franchi Instinct SL shotgun to engrave today.

This is a wonderful shotgun, very sleek, light and well made. I’d love to own it. This will be a graduation gift from Dad & Mom┬áto son and graduation is this Friday. Yes, this is another emergency engraving project. Made room in the que to get this engraved. Thankfully my other projects have some flexibility in their due dates.

Shotgun receiver hand engraving coming along...

Shotgun receiver hand engraving coming along…

I am doing some lettering in the photo. This is a wonderful alloy metal. Very smooth cutting and very little push required.

I’m cutting with a square carbide graver with a 45 degree face. A nice diamond polish is giving me bright cuts in the metal.

Thirty minutes in and needed a quick break. Engraving on expensive firearms is much different than engraving a bracelet. Each cut I make must be perfect because there is no eraser to put metal back on.

Looking very good so far. Only issue is the trigger guard is in the way so I am making all the cuts from the top down. Not a problem just a little slower as I have to plan out each segment of each letter.

My timer just went off, so back to work…

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