Hand engraving 1911 slide.

With the final design approved the chips are starting to fly!

This afternoon I mounted the 1911 slide onto a block of cherry wood using the GRS Thermolock and started transferring the design to the metal. The transfer went very smoothly and I got the entire slide design transferred in just one attempt. Sometimes when I inspect the transferred design it is off kilter by just a bit and that just will not do. It has to be perfectly centered. So with the design on the metal I was ready to start engraving.

I’m using a 90 degree square graver with a 50 degree face. Glensteel gravers by GRS.

In the photo you can see the design. What is missing is the Name that will fit into the blank space in center of the design.

Design transferred onto the 1911 slide.

Design transferred onto the 1911 slide.

In the next photo you can see I have started to engrave the backbone of the scrolls. I was very surprised at how hard this steel is to cut. I used five gravers to cut just this one little scroll. The tips are breaking at a faster rate than I’m use to. The steel is a nice consistency, no hard spots, just hard cutting the entire way.

Here's the first few cuts on the 1911 slide.

Here’s the first few cuts on the 1911 slide.

And in this last photo I have just about completed the scroll backbone cuts. Moving right along and making great progress. This is one hours worth of engraving. I spent another 20 minutes resharpening my gravers. I have ten 90 degree gravers. So when one becomes dull I simply switch to a sharp one. Then when they are all ready for resharpening I do them in one big batch. Timed myself for the first time every to see how long it takes to sharpen ten gravers. Eleven minutes flat.

Western Scroll cuts on 1911 slide.

Western Scroll cuts on 1911 slide.

This slide is straight from the manufacturer so it has no finish on it. That made transferring the design very easy and the design is easy to see on the gray metal.

Dinnertime so I’ll post this and come back after refueling.




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  1. Ken says:

    Beautiful workmanship. I wish I could do that. So, how long did it take to do the whole slide (both sides). It’ll give me some idea what mine will cost when I’m ready to send it in. Thanks

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