Progress Report on Spyderco Delica Hand Engraving

Today I’ve made good progress on the engraved knife.

As I was typing the Headline it dawned on me that while most of this is done with hammer and chisel technique I called it “Hand Engraved”. I do not actually hand push the graver through the steel to cut the lines. I gentle tap the chisel with a chasing hammer to cut the lines. However that is still considered ‘hand engraving” because no machines are used to remove the steel. The next step will be to shade the leaves and that is done by hand pushing the graver to cut light lines on the leaves. This western scroll design represents the old style of leather carving done on belts and holsters and was inspired by the style of Master Engraver Mike Dubber.

Spyderco Delica with western scroll and company logo ready for shading.

Here is a current photo on the progress. The main backbone of the western scroll has been cut, the lettering is complete and the logo Devil Dog is finished. The background has been removed and stippled. I use a pneumatic hand piece to do the stippling (texture) of the background. The hand piece is so much faster than doing it by hammer and chisel.

As for timing it took 45 minutes to remove the steel from the background and 60 minutes to do all the stippling. Unfortunately that is about 45 minutes longer than I anticipated. Background removal requires as much care as any other part of the process or you wreck the engraved lines. A slow and hand tiring process.

After a short 15 minute break it is on to the shading lines. Almost finished with this side.

Stay tuned for more…

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