Relocated to South Carolina

We packed up everything we own and left the mountains around Durango Colorado and moved to lower and warmer South Carolina. Near family and the beach.

Took a few months to get the house we wanted, move in and unpack. Of course my engraving studio was the first thing I unpacked. This studio has great light from two large windows and plenty of room for me to work.

New Studio  (Under construction)

New Studio
(Under construction)

After a three month layoff I’m going to warm up ¬†with a simple project and get all the rust off my skill set before I tackle a firearm. I’m going to start work on a silver cuff bracelet.

The bracelet will be 3/4 inch wide silver and I’m looking forward to the nice soft cutting of silver.

A blank slate of silver.

A blank slate of silver.

It is hard to explain how much I have missed engraving. At first I thought it would be like a vacation. However, after a month that vacation feeling was replaced by boredom. I needed something to do. After 3.5 months away from the bench I was going crazy. Even with all the details required to get into a new home I was still missing the art work.

Feels so good to have a project to work on today. Can’t wait to put pencil to paper and start designing this bracelet.

Stay turned…

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