Spyderco Delica hand engraved front side finished.

Hand engraved Delica just about finished on this side.

Just finished the final shading cuts on the western scroll. All that is left is a little cleaning and this side is completed.

Spyderco Delica engraving almost complete.

Looks great! I see a few areas on the Dog that I need to touch up but that is about it for this side. The knife needs to be cleaned up but that will wait until both sides are engraved.

Next I’ll apply a little hot air to the GRS┬áThermolock to loosen its hold on the knife, flip it over and heat up the Thermolock nice and hot, press the knife back down and when it cools it will be locked in nice and tight. Then I’ll do the layout for lettering the backside.

Getting close to the end for this project. The finished knife will be photographed with a better camera so stay tuned for the next post for the finished project…

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