Spyderco Delica – Hand engraved

Hand engraved Spyderco

I just completed this engraving as a gift for my son.  The western scroll design is modified from a Les Schowe design and took a little over 40 hours to complete. The backbone and leaves were done with hammer and chisel engraving technique. The shading lines and background were done with hand gravers. I love how smoothly the Spyderco steel cuts.

Jesse backcoyote

Backside of Spyderco Delica.

The backside is completely covered with engraving. So the clip could be moved to the other side and engraving would be revealed. Actually another shamrock hidden under the clip base and screws.

I sign my art with a small shamrock above the clip.


Front view of Delica

Front view of Delica



Detail of lettering.











Detailed close up of the Celtic font used in the lettering.





I date all my knives. Usually I put the date on the backside, under the clip. This time it is on the backstrap so it would not interfere with the scrolls on the side.





Hope you like my work. This one was a real labor of love.

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