Sweet 16 – Update #2

Progress report on the Sweet 16 Silver Pendant.

Today I have mounted the silver pendant in GRS Thermolock (using some painters tape to protect the finish) and have laid out the final design.

Sweet 16 silver pendant, mounted and ready to engrave.

Sweet 16 silver pendant, mounted and ready to engrave.

After a few phone calls with Judy, we have worked out all the lay out options. I love it when my customers know exactly what they want and I do not have to do multiple layouts to find the one they like.

Judy knows exactly what she wants for her Grand daughter.

The year placement was one of our discussion topics. Where to place it? After studying the piece for a few minutes the placement as shown in the photo was the obvious choice. We both wanted the numbers to be smaller but there is a limit to how small I can engrave and this is it.

One thing I forgot to take into consideration with the practice engraving is the gold pin sticking through the silver pendant. This will obviously be in the way as I engrave the word Sweet. So I will have to start cutting all the letters from the bottom of the letter and cut upwards. Not a big problem but it does take a bit more planning for each letter.

Really looking forward to actually cutting this piece in the morning. Stay tuned for more updates…

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